5 Creative Ways of Marketing during Christmas

Winter has been my top pick since childhood- I love the joyful vibes that fill the air, the twinkling fairy lights and lanterns lining the streets, and the warm feeling of love. I remember, even when I was a little child, my priority would be to get the biggest Christmas tree, decorate it with small bells, shiny balls, and place the golden star right at the top. Writing about it makes me nostalgic as I curl up a little more with my hot chocolate mug right next to me. Do you know the best part? I’m still as excited for Christmas because it’s all about the happy feel! 

I am no Christian who has read the Bible back and forth. Yet, every year, me and my father go to distribute some woolens and blankets to those in need during Christmas. It is now a ritual for us. You see, it is not just another festival but a feeling of delight, affection, and treats. I feel that this is something most brands overlook. While it is a great time to market yourself, I advise brands to tap into the Emotional Quotient segment. 

For those who have been following me, you must read my detailed outlook on the Emotional Quotient. 

Now, let’s find out 5 creative ways of marketing during Christmas. 

  1. Engage: Time travel to the good ol’ days.

Every brand aims to build customer engagement. It is the easiest way to be the trending topic in town. Being in this field, I closely follow how companies come forward to create a close bond with their buyers. But a common mistake most brands make is to talk about themselves- their past year, sales, offers, milestones, and so on. But it is essential to understand that it is a two-way street. A good idea to move ahead is to ask customers about their good old days, how they celebrated Christmas, and any childhood wishes they have. 

Make your brand their Santa and create a unique giveaway where you grant either one of their unique wishes. With so much going on around everyone, it feels great to be heard and acknowledged. Bring about a special Christmas feeling for your customers! 

  1. Communicate: Welcome Santa Claus on social media

The recent pandemic has had a significant impact on how everyone is associating and celebrating. However, it has also been a key player in bringing everyone closer- 2020 has been the year when everyone got talking about mental well-being and genuinely looked out for each other, trying to stay as connected as possible. The population has used social media in multiple ways to create a feeling of oneness. 

A fun and creative way to truly spread joy is by hosting a live session on social media handles with Santas from different countries. Everyone can talk about how they are planning to celebrate in their country, their thoughts on making everything delightful for children, etc. The real joy of giving is the joy of sharing positivity. 

A quick tip: Also, ask them to share a special message for everyone across the world. We need more love and light-heartedness! 

  1. Exchange: Christmas is incomplete without Christmas socks

Hanging Christmas socks is an old European tradition where it was believed that Santa Claus would fill them with candies. Let’s take this tradition forward with a twist. How about sending personalized socks and goodies to 16 of your existing customers. It is an excellent initiative that brands can take to truly reach out and create a special connection with their consumers. 

All you need to do is send personalized socks with goodies and messages to any random 16 of your clients. Then, ask them to share it ahead with 16 others who may be strangers to them. You see, this is a proven strategy to create a web of happiness. Every small step can lead to immense happiness! It is also a little surprise that can lighten someone’s mood all day and soar the spirits high. 

  1. Celebrate: Christmas is for the customers

This year, Christmas is all about celebrating the spirit of your customers. These are valuable customers who have stuck with your brand through thick and thin. Thus, it is time to recognize how they have supported you. While most other companies are blasting the mailbox with multiple email marketing gimmicks, you can set a high standard by getting a heartfelt letter from the brand’s CEO/founder. It needs to be a genuine letter where you express gratitude to strengthen your relations with the buyers. 

  1. Connect: Give back to the community. 

Last but not least, Christmas is the time when we are wrapping up the year. It is the time when we give back to the community what it has given us- immense love and support. Along with the goodies and gifts, brands can also reach out with special, meaningful messages. For example, a Xmas-Book can work wonders, which also becomes a long-lasting memento. 

Christmas is all about the special feeling, and brands must now venture away from the traditional sales and discount offers. The emotional quotient demands to be catered to, and brands can implement the unique Christmas marketing ideas mentioned above. And now, I gotta rush because I need to put the white cotton strips on the new Christmas tree downstairs! Until next time, have a joyous Christmas filled with plum cake, wine, and lots of other food! 

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