I want to add the deeper meaning in my work and share my thoughts on why its important to be a creative rebel

Priyanka Gosain

A Creative Marketer

Experienced Marketing Professional with a demonstrated history of working in the education industry. Skilled in Marketing Strategy, Idea Person, Creativity, Product Marketing, and Team Management.

 I am a creative artist first, and a marketer as a result.

Marketing Skills

  • Brand Strategy
  • B2B and B2C Marketing
  • Lead Generation and Demand Generation
  • Content Marketing
  • Product Marketing and GTM Stategy
  • Sales Enablement
  • PR strategy and Brand Alliances
  • Training and Development
  • Campaign and Event Marketing
  • Market Research and Analysis


Brand Strategy
Millennium Group is a leading player in Education and operates a chain of Schools and Preschools across India. Currently there are
40+ Schools and 750+ preschools operational across 150+ cities. The company works on a franchise model and provides high quality support and services to its franchisees. The company has won several awards over the last several years and is on a rapid growth path to
reach 1000+ preschools. To establish it’s identity as an education provider, the brand required a transformational branding strategy.

I led the project on creating the brand strategy comprising of:

  • Brand identity and persona
  • Brand guidelines
  • Brand communication templates
  • Brand story
  • Brand positioning and messaging
  • Co-branded templates
  • Little Millennium’s Brand Film, Teacher Empowerment and Franchise Testimonials

Campaign Marketing
I work to create an omni-channel monthly campaigns, I lead the Creative team to produce campaign assets:

Creative Campaign content distributed across digital platforms, inorganic and organic social, re targeting, and webinar
All content assets added to communicate visually
Extensive multivariate testing for inorganic social
A/B testing for emails and In-a-box content bites for Sales to circulate on their social network


Millions of impressions generated
1500+ campaign engagements
Organic Customer Data generation
High Organic Social Reach

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