Customer retention – The Emotional Quotient (EQ) Process

The world through my eyes- A Marketer’s Perspective Presently, all of us are in the midst of a situation that no one had ever thought of. What earlier existed only as the theme for a science fiction movie or we viewed in shows like Chernobyl, has now become a reality.  As a marketing professional, IContinue reading “Customer retention – The Emotional Quotient (EQ) Process”

Brand Marketing during Unprecedented Times- By Priyanka Gosain

As a marketing professional, there couldn’t be a worse time than all businesses shutting shop within a day and a pandemic threatening human life and the world as we know it. I just finished a long conversation with a friend discussing the marketing possibilities for a brand during the current lockdown. What started as aContinue reading “Brand Marketing during Unprecedented Times- By Priyanka Gosain”